August Townhall | Submit your questions HERE

Mask Network has been cooperating with lots of good projects lately, and we proudly established the SocialFi Alliance and launched a series of activities on Polygon together.

Beyond that, we also cooperated with Filecoin to support the storage in Web 3.0. Now users can choose different ways to store their files in a decentralized way.

For the product part, we added some new features. The exciting part is through the new NFT Gallery, now you can display your (and others) NFTs on Ethereum directly on your twitter homepage.

For the August Townhall, we have Suji Yan and Yisi Liu, the CEO and CTO of Mask Network, and Rachel, founder of GoodGhosting; Daniel, contributor at dHEDGE, and Scott from Gitcoin.

You could write down your questions about Mask technical development, ecosystem, or something related to SocialFi to Suji, Yisi, or our guests here. We will randomly pick 10 questions, and those whose questions were chosen will get our special gifts😁.

Please note that getting replied on this page does not mean you are qualified for the special gifts. We appreciate your enthusiasm, thank you for supporting Mask Network.

We will hold the Townhall at Twitter space, and you could also watch it live on Discord.




Come join us.

Heres the review of previous townhall:



1.mask just engaged in bluesky development, can you tell us what contribution mask in bluesky development?
2.and we are all looking forward to mask 2.0, how is the progress now about mask 2.0 ?


any advanced development to see a cross-chain bridge for ERC721/ERC1159 tokens?

能否说一下mask network整个项目生态布局?另外 mask 2.0是什么?

我 mask爱好者 你 打钱 0x2134240c7041CE4A50dcEF6c40DB82eC15879370




请问mask network有考虑在别的社交平台做通信加密吗?

近期mask network 和 NFT,游戏方面的项目方进行联合活动,请问日后的发展是否包含NFT 和 游戏方面?

对于web 3.0概念, mask network 属于通信与计算方面,现阶段和同方面的(通信计算)的其他项目方处于一种竞争还是合作交流的状态

请问mask network 是否考虑发展垮链功能?


其他平台是否可以通过与mask network 合作,mask network 提供“遮罩加密解密”的接口功能让他们使用?




what is the purpose of the collaboration between good ghosting and mask network in the short and long term? In what ways is good ghosting more attractive than other saving platforms?