Building the bridge to Web3.0: Introducing the Mask Network Ecosystem Map

Translated from a Chinese article by ChainNews

Mask Network is committed to building a low-threshold entrance from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, and making the expansion of Web 3.0 on its bottom layer, application layer, and community in real life.

Author: Qian Ziyi
Translator: LIFE (a Mask community member)

The explosion of DeFi has brought unprecedented vitality to the cryptocurrency market and even to blockchain technology as well. The organic combination of “decentralization” and “finance” has allowed the market to truly experience the charm of the crypto world. However, more and more people have begun to consider what the next hardcore would be besides Finance as DeFi is getting mature. Web 3.0, regarded as the “ultimate goal” of decentralized applications, has become one of the most popular answers.

Mask Network, which aims to create a Web 3.0 application ecosystem, has built a middleware infrastructure that helps users to transit seamlessly from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. While shortening the distance between the crypto world and products in the Internet era, it also allows more people to access and use encrypted assets or decentralized applications more “Conveniently” besides the financial industry. The era of Web3.0 that was once out of reach is already happening.

The Mask Network project was established in July 2018, formerly known as Maskbook, and renamed Mask Network in October 2020. On February 11, 2021, Mask Network issued the governance token $MASK and completed the ITO (Initial Twitter Offering) in three rounds in the following two weeks.

Mask Network is also committed to multi-chain development and officially live on Polygon and BSC in June to further expand its ecosystem.

According to the chain news statistics, as of June 28, 2021, Mask Network has formed a diversified ecosystem covering DeFi, tools, storage, and NFT, etc, there are a total of 41 projects in the ecosystem, and the number is still increasing.



Uniswap is a decentralized token exchange protocol deployed on the Ethereum network. Through MaskNetwork, users can directly view the price trend of tokens on CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko on Twitter, and also be able to transact Uniswap by adding their wallets.


SushiSwap Forked from Uniswap and support liquid mining rewards. On September 10, 2020, under the organization of SBF, Sushiswap completed the liquidity migration and officially separated from Uniswap. The way SushiSwap is used on Mask Network is similar to Uniswap.

0x Protocol

0x Protocol is an open-source decentralized protocol for Ethereum. Different from Uniswap and SushiSwap, 0x is an aggregate trading protocol that can automatically find the most suitable price combination from all decentralized exchanges in the entire network. There is no need for users to compare prices in separate trading protocols any more, but to use 0x directly.


Convergence is a decentralized convertible asset protocol that unify WST and utility tokens (UT) on an easy-to-use interface, and references or combine with other DeFi protocols to realize the conversion with real-world assets in the DeFi space. Mask Network has invested and partnered with Convergence. Mask Network founder Suji Yan will also join Convergence as an advisor.

Projects on Convergence can issue encapsulated security tokens through the “Initial Twitter Offering” function provided by Mask Network, and can be traded in Convergence’s Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool.

Extended reading:

《Mask Network and Convergence will cooperate on ITO and security tokens》

《News|Convergence has received investment and in cooperation with Mask Network with expectation to realize the issuance of WSTs in ITO》


Serum is a fully decentralized exchange co-founded by Project Serum and other encrypted assets experts in the DeFi field, which supports cross-chain transactions without the trust of a third party. The entire Serum ecosystem, completely decentralized, will be completely handed over to users and run by the cryptocurrency community .

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《Solana and Serum in Maskbook》


Loopring is a solution to decentralized transactions, including the web wallet Loopr, the web version of the decentralized trading platform, and Circulr and imToken, the web version of decentralization that does not use private keys, can be embedded in H5DEX and Loopr iOS native wallets. Previously, in the newly released ITO functions of Mask Network, the Loopring protocol, as the first ITO project, has conducted preliminary cooperation with Mask Network. The two parties have in-depth technical exchanges on Layer 2 expansion technology and zkRollup, etc, and at the same time they will also cooperate on the L2 red packet function at the application level.

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《News|Mask Network and Loopring have reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build the L2 Ethereum ecosystem》

Mirror Protocol

Mirror Protocol, a synthetic asset protocol launched by stable currency project Terra, which can track the prices of stocks, futures, funds and other traditional financial assets so as to integrate the crypto-currency market with the traditional market. Through Mask Network, users can browse the market information of synthetic assets (mAssets) and trade directly on social networking websites (Twitter).

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《News|Mask Network and Mirror Protocol have reached a cooperation on further redefining and opening the financial markets》


DeBank is an all-in-one DeFi wallet based on a data dashboard, which can help users track DeFi applications, compare DeFi interest rates, manage DeFi assets, find DeFi projects, and analyze DeFi risks. Mask Network is the first partner of DeBank OpenAPI.

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《DeBank launches the OpenAPI program for DeFi developers to obtain user’s real-time invest portfolio and industry data》


MCDEX, full name as Monte Carlo Decentralized Exchange, is a decentralized trading platform for trading digital currency derivatives. MCDEX has obtained investment intentions from many investment institutions such as Mask Network.

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《MCDEX community proposal raised USD 7 million for DAO, and preliminary investment intentions have been reached with many investment institutions》


everFinance aims to provide decentralized financial services any time and any where. Its goal is to improve user experience, lower development threshold , and to provide everyone decentralized and credible financial applications. Mask Network participated in its seed round of financing.

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《Investment and Financing Weekly | Infrastructure track frequently sees large-scale financing, and the asset management field remains highly active》


Zerion created a credible banking system to provide secure and seamless access for all financial use cases. Zerion aims to become a gateway to the decentralized financial world. The blockchain-based DeFi decentralized financial protocol can be used on 0x, Uniswap, Kyber, Compound, MakerDao and other applications.



Rarible is an NFT issuance and trading platform that creates and sells digital collections protected by blockchain. The Mask Network plug-in now supports the display and bidding of NFT from Rarible on social platforms (such as Twitter) .


OpenSea is a decentralized NFT market, similar to an NFT eBay, where you can buy, sell and auction, etc. The Mask Network plug-in now supports the display and bidding of NFT from OpenSea on social platforms (such as Twitter) .

MOCA (Museum of Crypto Art)

MOCA As the first cultural institution related to encryption art , it will become a frontier space for discourse related to digital art, encryption culture, cutting-edge technology, and the NFT revolution.

DEGO Finance

DEGO Finance is a cross-chain NFT + DeFi protocol and infrastructure facilities. Mask Network and DEGO will further cooperate on NFT blind boxes, games, and social interactions. Users will be able to experience One-click NFT creation, collection and trading on Twitter.

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《News|DEGO Finance will reach a strategic cooperation with Mask Network to build an NFT portal in the Web 3.0 era》


Cent is a tweet trading platform. Mask Network will make it possible for users to transact tweets,and provide real-time tweets NFT price query function in the near future. Till then users can bid directly to possess their favorite content, or invest in those people/organizations which they would like to support.

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《News|Mask Network x Cent: Buy the tweets you just swiped on Twitter through Mask Network》

《Display V.Cent Current Bid Price Of The Tweet Directly On Twitter》


Treasureland is a cross-chain NFT issuance and trading platform that enables users to create NFTs with one click and easily buy, sell or auction. Mask Network participated in the Treasureland seed round of financing.


AlchemyNFT , an NFT synthesis tool released by Alphawallet, introduces brand-new components so that NFT owners can operate on their NFT assets, such as to recreate, mix, edit, combine and verify NFTs, and further more users can add new application functions and benefits.

Unlock Protocol

UNLOCK is a blockchain-based access control protocol that enables creators to make profit on its own content or software without relying on intermediaries. It allows consumers to manage all subscriptions in a consistent way and get discounts while sharing the best content and apps they are using.


Flow , a protocol developed by Dapper Labs, establish self-allocation storage of value tokens based on Ethereum with aiming to support game applications so ass to drive the entire digital asset ecosystem.


DoinGud is an ecosystem that aims to explore the future of digital content, creators, and the economy. Here, curators and creators in various industries can join their communities and get connections with collectors and to support their favorite organizations. The DoinGud platform is co-developed by the first-class creators, technicians, communities and related companies which bring people the next generation of NFT experience.



Ethereum is an open source programmable blockchain that provides a scripting language that allows anyone to write smart contracts and issue tokens. The account book is open and transparent and cannot be tampered with.


Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting a blockchain network compatible with Ethereum. Polygon’s mission is to become a Layer 2 solutions on Ethereum. The solution aggregator realizes the construction performance that the Ethereum network itself fails to achieve, and makes up for the important link missing in the current Ethereum ecosystem. Mask Network will conduct technical exchanges and collaboration with Polygon on the current congestion and high miner fees of Ethereum, focusing on performance optimization in the DeFi field, and creating a faster and more practical decentralized trading environment for users.

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《News|Mask Network X Polygon: How else to play》

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain can realize smart contract creation and BNB stake mining functions. Mask Network has received a strategic investment from Binance Binance, which will accelerate the multi-chain development of Mask Network.

NEAR Protocol

NEAR aims to create a fully sharded and extendable PoS blockchain. Mask Network (MASK) has reached an in-depth cooperation with NEAR Protocol, and the cooperation was launched in the form of a joint Bounty,with the hope of leveraging the power of the developers from both communities to accomplish the ecosystem construction.

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《News | Mask Network will reach in-depth cooperation with NEAR Protocol and jointly initiate a bounty》

《Integrate NEAR wallet into Mask》


Solana is a high-performance essential public chain based on Proof of History (PoH). Mask is one of the first batch of 12 projects patronized by Solana.

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《Solana Foundation Announces the First Batch of 12 Granted Projects》



Coinmarketcap is a platform with encrypted digital market information that aggregates global cryptocurrency transaction data, including market value, ranking and other data information. The Mask Network plug-in allows users to view information from CoinMarketCap on Twitter.


CoinGecko is an application of encrypted digital currency ranking chart, analyzing digital currency-related transactions, market value and other data, organizing development activities, communities, etc. The Mask Network plug-in allows users to view information from CoinGecko directly on Twitter.


Transak is a compliant payment solution that connects fiat currency and encrypted assets, allowing users to purchase encrypted assets with fiat currency. Users who installed the Mask Network plug-in can directly search encrypted assets on social platforms. In addition to the applied quotation browsing function, Transak’s access allows users to purchase assets directly right on the social platform.

Extended reading:

《Web3 privacy product Mask Network introduces fiat currency aggregator Transak》

Ethereum ecosystem


MetaMask is a browser plug-in wallet. The Mask Network plug-in supports connecting to MetaMask wallet. Users can directly connect to or import MetaMask on Mask Network and use it on Twitter Encrypted wallet.


EPNS is a project on push service of Ethereum information. Through EPNS, user wallets can receive DApp notifications. At present, the project has received millions of dollars investment from Binance Labs, IOSG, Coinbase former CTO Balaji Srinivasan, Gitcoin co-founder, Scott Moore, etc. EPNS created a channel for Mask Network, allowing the team to connect with its target wallet address through the decentralized notification service provided by the EPNS protocol. Push notifications can be customized based on requirements, notifying users that their buying/selling/exchanging orders have been confirmed, NFTs having been minted new governance proposals, and more.

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《Building Web3 on top of Web2.0 with》



Arweave is a blockchain-based file storage protocol. Users can browse its historical data on any platform through the Mask Network plug-in, including posts, interactive information, and even private data such as personal diaries. Mask Network will provide users with a portal to access the history data stored on Arweave, and at the same time provide a set of encryption schemes to protect the privacy of users’ personal data. For ordinary users, the experience is somewhat similar to Dropbox and Baidu Netdisk.

Extended reading:

《News | Mask Network Receives Arweave Funding》


Sia is a decentralized storage network created by Nebulous Labs. It uses a peer-to-peer decentralized network to create a cloud storage market, where some users act as hosts to provide free space from their disks while other users act as tenants to rent the storage space. After Arweave, Sia, the second file storage and sharing technology provider introduced by Mask, provides users with simpler, high-speed and decentralized file storage functions.

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《News | Mask Network and Sia jointly launch a bounty program to provide more file storage options》

《Adding Sia Network as another provider for the file service》


IPFS , InterPlanetary File System, is a peer-to-peer distributed file system designed to create a persistent and distributed network transmission protocol for storing and sharing files.

Meson Network

Meson Network is a next-generation storage acceleration network based on the blockchain Layer 2, which aggregates idle servers through mining, and deploys bandwidth resources in files and the streaming media acceleration market, including traditional websites, videos, live broadcasts and blockchain storage solutions. Mask Network participated in Meson’s $900,000 seed round of financing.

Extended reading:

《Storage Acceleration Network Meson Network completed a $900,000 seed round financing, Mask Network, Youbi and SevenX participated in the investment》


Once the users see an encrypted push on Twitter and Facebook, Mask Network plug-in will decode the message and identify whether the user is on the list of recipients of the encrypted message. If the user is on this list, Mask Network will query GunDB to obtain the encrypted AES key and decrypt it with the user’s private key. After that, the decrypted information will be visible on the recipient’s interface.


ArDrive , a decentralized version of Dropbox, is a multi-functional application with permanent file storage function, which can provide more secure permanent data storage scheme and characterized with privacy protection and anti-censorship features.

Web 3.0 & Community Building


Gitcoin, the open source software funding platform, aims to support various open source projects through the blockchain and accelerate the development of the open source movement. Mask Network is the sponsor of GR9,support the display of Gitcoin project on Twitter by using its plugin. After installing the Mask plug-in, the Gitcoin project on the Twitter post will be automatically identified and a donation entry will be generated. Users can directly donate support on Twitter page.

Extended reading: “Gitcoin accomplished the 9th donation program, raising a total of 1.38 million US dollars”

DWeb Shanghai ()

DWeb Shanghai , a branch of global Dweb, aims to gather local developers, designers, travellers, musicians, mathematicians and cohorts having his own unique thinking about internet,and together to do brainstorming so as to get into a better Internet.


DAOSquare, born in the Ethereum community MetaCartel, committed to the construction of an incubator in the Web3 era, with goal of being a Y Combinator in the Web3 era. Mask Network is one of DAOSquare’s seed round investment institutions.

Extended reading:

《DAOSquare completes seed round financing, investors include Youbi, SNZ and IOSG》


RadicalxChange is an active community of artists, entrepreneurs, and scholars. It is committed to advocating a competitive, free and open market mechanism to reduce social inequality, to remedy social divisions and differences so as to bring fairness, prosperity and cooperation completely. At the end of 2020, Suji Yan, the founder of Dimension & Mask Network, was invited to be the mentor of the RadicalxChange Foundation.

Extended reading:

《News|Suji Yan was invited to be the mentor of the “RadialxChange” Foundation》


RSS3 is an open protocol designed for social networks in the Web 3.0 era. RSS3 will work with Mask Network to create SuperFollow Dapplett on Twitter, which will add Patreon functionality to all Mask and RSS3 users on Twitter. With the help of community developers, Mask is working hard to add the following excellent Web3.0 applications to the Mask plug-in.


dHEDGE is an asset management platform for Ethereum synthetic assets. The project is built on Synthetix’s derivatives liquidity agreement, which allows users to imitate and draw on best practices of transactions and strategies from investment managers. The manager will make trading decisions on behalf of the fund pool. All fund pools can choose to be public and any users, or only open to certain Ethereum address.


PoolTogether is a project that uses a decentralized financial protocol to create a “lossless” lottery. Users can buy lottery tickets, and all funds collected from lottery sales will go into the prize pool so as to get benefits from the decentralized financial protocols, Compound and yEarn Vaults. Everyone can take back their own funds, but there would be one person who will win all the accumulated interest earned from the pool, and none of them would lose their principle.


Reality Cards is an emerging prediction market that can turn betting results into buyable and ownable NFTs. Around the time the betting results are going to be announced, people will have a strong desire to show what they bet on. There is no need to bet at all but to have the result.


GoodGhosting is a fixed investment challenge game designed for users which will need to do constrained savings. All participants need to set the savings time and the amount of money they need to do saving each time. USDC or DAI is available for payment. All users’ assets invested in the savings pool will be allocated to Aave and Yearn to obtain loan earnings. When the game is over, all the principal will be returned to its own user, but only users who keep making a fixed investment every time without missing can share the interest in the fund pool.


Omen is a market prediction protocol launched by the decentralized autonomous organization Dxdao which based on the Gnosis Protocol.


Augur Turbo is, a Polygon-based sports quiz platform released by Augur, a decentralized prediction market. The platform will use Chainlink as the oracle solution. Currently users can create prediction markets for the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), Free Fighting (MMA), Olympic Games, etc., and will support football, tennis, golf, and e-sports, etc. in the future.



PlatON is a future-facing computing architecture of next-generation. Isomorphic multi-chain architecture, RELOAD overlay network/main chain + multi-application chain, decentralized distributed RPC framework. Mask Network will reach a strategic cooperation with PlatON to jointly promote the commercial implementation of privacy computing.

Phala Network

Phala Network is a private computing parachain on Polkadot, which implements privacy contracts through trusted computing technology, ensuring reliable execution of smart contracts without leakage sensitive data. Mask Network and Phala Network will conduct in-depth cooperation in areas such as the protection of personal privacy product maps and the construction of Web 3.0 data ecology.


Privacy infrastructure Nym develops a hybrid network protocol that protects metadata security by combining blockchain so as to create a privacy network layer infrastructure that effectively prevents large-scale surveillance. Mask Network and Nym have reached a cooperation to jointly develop encrypted private message widgets and realize the use of Nym test net on the Mask Network plug-in.


From the beginning of the users sending encrypted text, storing files and sharing on Twitter till viewing or purchasing cryptocurrencies on Twitter, or from directly issuing assets to displaying NFTs and building their own multi-chain platform, Mask Network has always been Committed to enriching their ecosystem.。

It can be seen from the ecosystem map of Mask Network that Mask is committed to building an entrance from Web2.0 to Web3.0, and achieving multi-layer development of Web3.0 bottom layer, application layer and community ecology.

As for entry, Mask Network has connected the Transak fiat currency aggregation channel to solve the problem of deposits. It has connected Metamask and Wallet Connect as third-party wallet solutions, and has access to CMC, CoinGecko, DeBank, Zerion and other data tools to improve the user experience. And it will provide access to other mainstream social networking websites, some open source social software and browsers as well so as to expand the entrance.

In the decentralized Web3.0 world, the preliminary computing chain/Layer2 has expanded from only supporting Ethereum to BSC and Polygon, and will be further connected to emerging public chains such as Solana and Near.

Web3.0 and storage, storage has expanded from Arweave to Sia and IPFS, and access to Arweave-based ArDrive, and expanded to other underlying infrastructure necessary for the new generation of Internet, such as Meson for bandwidth transactions and the RSS3 which get RSS’s content upgraded and distributed in Web2 .0 era.

Application layer DeFi not only has already completed the access of core transaction applications such as Uniswap, Sushi, and 0x, and the issuance of first-party ITO assets, but also has extended to more granular and more accessible suitable social applications such as dHEDGE for social trading, Pooltogether for saving money and buying lottery tickets at the same time, social network and saving games such as GoodGhosting, various prediction markets such as Reality Card, Augur and Omen, etc. Mask is trying to become a one-stop financial portal similar to Alipay for users who will be entering the new world of Web 3.0 from Web 2.0 social network.

In terms of NFT, Mask has also connected to major mainstream NFT trading platforms such as OpenSea, Rarible, Cent, Treasureland, etc., and is committed to providing users with a complete mini-program with e-commerce shopping experience of selecting and purchasing for all kinds of digital goods without leaving social networking websites.

The most important thing is that the ecosystem construction of Mask has gradually transitioned from being officially developed by the team to a larger proportion of new applications and new expansions that are developed and accessed by community developers. This is inextricable from the long-term construction of Mask Network in the community ecology, such as funding Gitcoin, holding DWeb and RadicalxChange China events and so on.

Mask Network’s vision is to achieve a decentralized privacy layer based on existing social networks. With the penetration of the Web 3.0 concept, people’s attention are gradually turning to data privacy and Mask Network’s new exploration of decentralized applications. The Mask Network with first-mover advantage may become a key point for Web 3.0 to break through.