Coinbase goes live with MASK trading a few days after 80% pump

Seems real sketchy with Coinbase going live with trading a few days after a massive pump on other foreign exchanges. Was this an attempt for early insiders to take advantage of high price in a bear market to dump their coins on noobs? Seems to be very close to next unlock (which probably just happened)

Unfortunately we have very little control over this and this happen several times for cex listing.

What we can do is - make sure our investors are long term. Keep buidl ; most of our investors are indeed long term


Etherscan is a great tracking tool for sketchy activity. With a lot of cryptocurrency projects, this kind of insider trading does happen frequently, but it’s much less likely the team dumping than certain exchanges. It’s a well-known issue with coin listings but it’s typically coming from certain exchanges not project teams. As a policy, core teams often don’t have inside info on coin listings exactly for this reason.

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