Cooperation with BanklessDAO

The TLDR version
BanklessDAO will help promote Mask within Bankless community and utilize mask as a tool for some of the collaboration work within the DAO. In return we will airdrop the most active participants. (expect 50-300 people rewarded)

Total amount in high 4 digits or low 5 digits?

Intro of Bankless DAO
Bankless DAO is a new type of decentralized community that drives adoption and awareness of bankless money systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi through media, culture, and education. Home | Bankless DAO

Bankless DAO has amassed large amount of fervent web 3.0/DEFI evangelists and are quite influential among core Ethereum community. (Note that Bankless llc is another entity closely related to Bankless DAO that resembles a media company. LLC does not control the DAO)

The process and our takeaways
We reached out to the Bankless DAO a while ago for sharing a similar vision. A lot of has been discussed in the past month, some of our community member even participated in the disucssion in the bankless forum. Now that our forum is finally up, it’s time to share the proposal from Bankless DAO to our community.
Proposal: Agreement between BanklessDAO and (V2) - Proposals - Bankless DAO

We will have our first team call with the DAO (only with individual in the DAO before) to form a dedicated team for this collaboration.

In principle the team really love the enthusiasm demonstrated by the Bankless DAO member and very much look forward to this collaboration. Their influence in the core community can also drive us a lot further on mass adoption. We hope our community can join hands with Bankless and bring web 3.0 to the general public together. The proposal will be further detailed with input from both of the community and will go through a formal vote after.

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活跃参与者是指MASK或者论坛的使用,还是说参与到Bankless DAO的社区?

在他们社区最积极的 一批使用和帮忙推广mask的人,具体标准还待定

未来BanklessDAO 在Mask社区会有活动吗