Details about Permission-less ITO?

Now that this proposal about permission-less ITO passed the community voting, and the forum is online.

:arrow_down: Can we discuss the details about it?

In order to avoid such loss and at the same time create more value and use cases of the $MASK token, we are proposing a $MASK deposit requirement for Permissionless ITO launching. The deposit will set a threshold to Permissionless ITO, and be the precautionary act if the launched ITO is found to be scammy later.

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How much deposit do you think is good enough to act as prevention? 1000 $MASK?

Not enough , At least 10000


I also think about 1000 $Mask,not too much or too less. 1000 $mask can be burned or sent to MaskDao(my opinion)

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I think they should pay money for a certain amount of $MASK, it will be locked in the contract. When the ITO is over, it can be used as airdrop to the participants or a fund for something good for Mask project itself.

but I have no idea about what the amount should be :dizzy_face:

The amount shuould be a float number .Depand on how much they gonna sell,i think forty percent is minimum.e.g:Proj wanna sell their token for $10000, then $4000 mask should be locked.




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