Event | Mask Design Competition Season One

:boom:Mask Network design competition #MyMask will officially start on August 12!

Hosted by Mask Network (@realmaskbook) and the community contributor MaskLover (@realmasklover), and co-sponsored by NFT card collecting platform MythArt (@MythNft) the #MyMask design competition will be launched on August 12.

We appreciate all types of designs, as long as they are related to Mask Network or contain Mask Network-related elements. It could be a drawing, a design for T-shirts, hats, or socks; a meme or an emoticon, even Mask-related video or music.

Everyone can bring their artistic talent and the open spirit of Mask to their own original designs. Come and join this excited design party!

Special thanks to Mask Network community member 三更语 for proposing this event, and we will follow the will of the community to organize this event.

:triangular_flag_on_post:Eligibility Determination.

  1. Participants post their designs via Twitter.
  2. #MyMask must be contained in the tweet.
  3. @realMaskNetwork when posting your work.

:gear:Audition Rules:

  1. We will set up a “Design Competition judging panel” consisting of Mask Network community members, MythArt team members and other partners, a total of 11 people.
  2. After the submission deadline, Mask Network will collect all the entries and number them, package them up and post them to Twitter via Mask Network Extension, so that everyone can download and view all the designs.
  3. Each member of the Design Competition judging panel will vote their favorite 5 designs from all the entries through a Google form.
  4. The 10 entries with the most votes will enter the final.

:gear:Final Round Rules:

  1. The 10 works selected from the audition will be displayed in the Mask Forum (we.mask.io) for voting.
  2. The top three winners will be awarded (see below).
  3. The winner list will be announced in Mask and the prizes will be awarded before September 10th.


  • 1st place: $MASK worth of 500 $USDT
  • 2nd place: $MASK worth of 250 $USDT
  • 3rd place: $MASK worth of 100 $USDT
  • f4th-10th place: $MASK worth of 30 $USDT
  • All finalists will receive merchandise from Mask Network.


  • Submission period: 12 August - 26 August (16:00, GMT+8).
  • Voting in the auditions: August 27 - August 30 (16:00, GMT+8).
  • Voting in the final round: August 31 - September 6 (16:00, GMT+8).
  • Awards: September 7 - September 10 (16:00, GMT+8)


  • All entries must be original works related to Mask Network or contain elements related to Mask Network (encryption, trust, Web 3.0, bridge, network, etc.) and will be disqualified if plagiarism is found.
  • All entries must contain elements that are available for commercial use.
  • Participants may submit more than one design, but only one will be shortlisted and eligible for the prize.
  • The right of final explanation is reserved by Mask Network

Use your imagination, bring your love for Mask, and design your own Mask work!