Hello World! Welcome all questions here

As the Title.:smiley: Welcome all questions here.

Your plans for the future?

Mask Network recently did a Town Hall and talked about this quite a lot actually. There’s a summary here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MaskNetwork/comments/o6o7nj/town_hall_1_overview_mask_20_mask_holder/


  • Premium Functionalities: Users will also require MASK tokens to use premium functionalities in Mask Network, such as cross-chain smart wallets (in Mask 2.0) and social profiles.

source Mask Network (MASK) | Binance Research

I heard that Mask protocol will have proof of snapshot kinda staking.

I wanted some help with moving my coins from Binance and onto Mask wallet.

Currently I have a ERC20 wallet on Trust wallet. So, if I withdrew the coins from the CeX it costs me almost 4-5 masks. But the BEP20 is way cheaper. But, how do I create a BEP20 wallet and where?

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Hi TreeHugger -

For BEP20/BSC or other EVM chain like Matic(Polygon) you can use MetaMask or wallet like imtoken. its the same. the pub/pri key system is the same as well. Mask’s internal wallet also integrated these 2 chains

Could you help with detailing how to add the Mask token in the Smart chain Meta Mask wallet. I saw some mention of using MetaMask with bridge but my coins are in Binance! If I go to Meta Mask in smart chain - I can add a new token but as a custom one with address, symbol and precision! This is getting quite confusing!!

And on the Mask wallet there isn’t an option for BSC.

The easiest will be to have a searchable Mask BEP20 in Trust wallet!! :sob:

I own Mask for already a month now but I’m just struggling with these small nuances which is also lost time for staking!!

I hope I get the help to move my coins onto BSC easily and quickly!!

Maybe video description helps.

Thank You Mask Team