How to Launch an ITO

  1. Click the “Mask Network” logo under the sending box

  2. Click “ITO” under “Plugins”

  3. Click “Select a token” at the right side of “Input”
    Select a token

And select the token you want to issue

Fill in the number of tokens you would like to issue
Fill in the number

Please make sure you have enough tokens in your wallet for issuance

  1. Click the blue plus sign at the right of “Swap Ratio”, to select the swap ratio with other tokens

Click blue plus sign

  1. Type in the title of ITO in the “Title” section
    Set the maximum amount of swap in “swap limit”
    Swap limit

  2. Set the start and end time in “Start Time” and “End Time”
    The time zone will adjust according to your current location

  3. In “Advanced” options, you could check whether you want to set IP region restrictions, whether you want to delay unlocking tokens, and whether you want to enable qualification contracts in this ITO.

![Advanced] (

  1. Click「Send xxxx $xxx」to wait for ITO confirmation

Remember to click “Finish”!!!

*After the ITO is encrypted, you can add non-encrypted information that is readable to those who have not installed the Mask Network extension.

  1. Now you (and anyone with Mask Network installed) can see this ITO tweet on Twitter!