Mask Design Competition Season One Voting Page 设计大赛第一季总决选投票帖

:boom: Mask Network design competition #MyMask Final round voting starts now!

Ten excellent art works comes out, we believe there must be one of them you like the most. So please vote for them. Together we build up a better community🤝 Hosted by Mask Network (@realMaskNetwork ) and the community contributor MaskLover (@realmasklover ), and co-sponsored by NFT card collecting platform MythArt (@MythNft )

:airplane: Airdrop for Voting:

Quote the tweet with #MyMask and leave the screenshot in the comment below (ID of forum included) and a valid BEP20 wallet address (reference below)

There will be 100 participants selected randomly to receive a Mask&MythArt Unique rarity NFT(BSC) card worth 0.1BNB for each winner. The Unique card is not for sale and can only be obtained through airdrop, it can be used as a necessary material to synthesize Legendary cards. you can access to other rarity of NFT through the official website of MythArt:


1st place: $MASK worth of 500 $USDT
2nd place: $MASK worth of 250 $USDT
3rd place: $MASK worth of 100 $USDT
4th-10th place: $MASK worth of 30 $USDT
All finalists will receive merchandise from Mask Network.


Voting in the final round: August 31 - September 6 (16:00, GMT+8).
Awards: September 7 - September 10 (16:00, GMT+8)

:boom: Mask Network 设计大赛第一季 #MyMask 决赛开始了!

十位选手的作品从激烈的比赛中脱颖而出,相信总有一个是你喜欢的,请为你支持的作品投上宝贵的一票吧!#MyMask 设计大赛由 Mask Network (@realmaskbook)和社区 MaskLover(@realmasklover )共同主办, NFT 集卡平台 MythArt(@MythNft )协办

:airplane: 投票参与者空投:

引用 Mask Network 官方推文附上 #MyMask 标签,并在评论区留下投票截图(需包含用户名)和有效的 BEP20 钱包地址(形式请参考下图)。

我们将从中抽取 100 位用户,为每位中奖用户送出价值 0.11BNB 的 Mask&Mythart 稀有度 Unique + Epic NFT(BSC) 卡片空投奖励。其中 Unique 卡片为非卖品,且只能通过空投获取,后续可作为合成传说卡片的必备材料,其余类型 NFT 卡片可以在 Mythart 官网免费领取:

:gift: 作品奖励:

第 1 名:500 USDT 等值的 $MASK
第 2 名:250 USDT 等值的 $MASK
第 3 名:100 USDT 等值的 $MASK
第 4-10 名:30 USDT 等值的 $MASK
所有入围者均可获得 Mask Network 送出的实体周边奖励

:clock10: 时间轴:

决选投票:8 月 31 日 - 9 月 6 日 (16:00, GMT+8);
奖励发送:9 月 7 日 - 9 月10 日 (16:00, GMT+8)


I voted for MyMask 8! And wish I could get my airdrop, thanks!

My wallet address: 0x34bFe3AF9B6a98B704D21917A56fD47422C5777D

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Nice 3D mask!


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Hi! I voted for #7! Nice design!
Bsc wallet: 0x5B48705C4FFebbD7cBAe419f954efB150AF38664

i voted #MyMask 2, it’s cute :joy:



I voted for MyMask 2, it’s so cute!



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BEP20: 0x352DcD5e7a6C43BB72C744855D68907598711d79

我投票给MyMask 2


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My BEP20 address:

I voted for 2.

Address : 0x97b102e00d88F02DEBfD6b1e4B901Dd6931bB982

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Address : 0xA4f6638Cde88f245B75670B510FD8e46fAFD1678

i voted #MyMask 10
My wallet address:0x1bff2dCba1b7a79186B5800135aC69B6fF72C468

I vote no 2, It’s a picture that I think is amazing


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My wallet address:0x883746Cdb11b76867F90C8Eca2fEbbEAdff4bFA8

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I voted for MyMask-7, i like it!

My address: 0x5788647E766EadaaBE8dC05cB2a898cc93b6e210

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#MyMask my vote

my address is : 0x9A1cA9F181f580C2463Ade82658759E22c5618F6

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i have a question. which tweet? Is my above participation correct? thanks @MaskLover

I voted MyMask-7

address: 0x3EcA64018E5eD0DEEb72090a834c3902668C1A65

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