Send a Red Packet

All screenshots are for reference only

Click the Mask icon

Click “Red Packet”

Choose whether you want people to split the money in the Red Packet evenly or randomly

Type in the number of shares you want to send the Red Packet

If you selected “Average” previously, type in the amount and which token you want each person to receive

If you selected “Random” previously, type in the total amount you would like to send

You can type the attached messages

Click「Send xxxx」

Waiting for your transaction to be confirmed

In the redirected window, click “Finish”

The Red Packet is now encrypted, click “Tweet” to send

You have successfully sent the Red Packet!

What is the point of a red packet? Where can I learn more?

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Think of it as a way to make borderless cryptocurrency payment :wink:

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For fun - Send money to ur friends on Twitter:)

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Or think about holidays/festivals