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twitter official just responded to someone’s post asking about verified ownership of pfp NFT with wallet signature, although it’s still unclear response from twitter ,but looks like such a feature has been done by mask first, how would you elaborate if twitter did that?

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Mask 2.0 will be easy to use for newbie ?

What are the advantages of MASK 2.0 if Twitter and Facebook develop similar solutions?

i heard mask trying to building a developer toolkit to allow projects a platform for launching their crypto projects inside of the plugin? and i think it will huge , can you elaborate that?

The CEO of twitter is always supportive of the crypto market, but facebook is not, what do you think about the mask extension on facebook or some other social platform

New function to be updated called NFT avatars which I can set NFTs my own on ERC-20 as mine Twitter avatar. This sounds great but my question, I’m worried if one day my twitter account got suspended,Will my NFTs be gone too?Or what will happen?

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Will further development with other social media sites ever be discussed, such as Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, or any other popular social media sites? I would love to see MASK being utilized on many other platforms, and I find it incredibly useful for my everyday usage.

Also, are there any plans to fully integrate with current platforms that we use, making it a built-in feature for Twitter, or Facebook, without the use of an ehxtension later on during development? (Particularly the website accepting the function, and adding it personally under the MASK name.)

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There’re so many platforms for Web 2.0, I’m curious why you chose Twitter as your platform? And what if Twitter launches its own decentralized social media platform?

I love the transparancy of this project , I just wondering how Realmask company gain profit ? answer it please

Twitter CEO Jack strongly support crypto community. Many crypto native communicate on twitter and twitter launched its own decentralized project ‘bluesky’. mask is one of the first members.


Mask has recently launched token swap campaign with several projects, what is the original intention and what benefits can it bring to mask?


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