What a shit is Mask…

What a shit is mask crypto
When all cryptos are ascending it does not move and when they start descending the mask price collapses as the first crypto.
Good job for making this crypto

Be long term friendz

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How long ma’am?

Q4 this year. No patience don’t invest.

Just for this crypto should wait for ages. All cryptos have started to go up along with btc and eth except yours.

Are you serious? comparing btc/eth with mask. are you in for tech or pumping?

Yes indeed,

I actually see little use case in valuation of cryptocurrencies based on the utility of of the asset - the notion is that it affords cryptographically sound communication, so where does monetary valuation of the asset ascend to any level exceeding the value of security?

I don’t think it does, in fact, being a worthless asset, similar to the monetary value of a PGP key would be the ideal IMO.

Just finding it out